Friday, May 18, 2012

Swatch: Indie polish: Lush Lacquer - Chubby Checker

I'm not a huge fan of sheer polishes, but this one is alright. The hexagon glitter is what originally caught my eye. Next time I'm going to use a white base coat for "underwear", as one of my pet peeves is being able to see the tips of my nails under polish. Call me weird. This is still a very beautiful pink shimmer polish with black and white large and small glitter mixed in with it. Several coats look really nice as well, while still being able to see first coat glitter underneath, ala "glitter sammich". Like all glitters, it was difficult to get the chunky fat pieces out onto the nail. Even after a lot of rolling the bottle in the palm of my hand. Still well worth the money and I'm happy I added it to my collection.

This was my first haul of indie polishes, I also got Camo Queen by Lush Lacquer as well. I hope to swatch that eventually, and I plan on buying LL's Salt 'N Pepper polish, too, when I get time and money for it.

ALSO, I forgot I had straight up vitamin e oil. Love it for cuticle care. I actually think it's better than my grapeseed oil. And I'm a HUGE advocate for grapeseed oil.

I'm not the best at shaping my nails. At all. Lol.

"Outdoor" lighting. My cameras weren't wanting to focus in on this color
of polish very well.

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