Sunday, June 16, 2013

LA Girl 3D Purple Effect vs Studio M Purple Medallion

Not going to lie. I'm totally biased. Studio M is my ultimate favorite polish. I just love it. It's just as sparkly in low lighting as it is in good lighting. At first, I was a bit underwhelmed by the LA Girl. I guess because I'm used to my Studio M still being sparkly in low lighting; but LA Girl is pretty amazeballs in the sunlight! Totally worth the $4 I paid for it.

They look similar in the bottles--albeit Purple Medallion's holo flakies are just a hair bigger. LA Girl is definitely more refined and evenly spaced. I did three coats of both polishes. There is also a few shades difference with the purple base.

Dang. Forgot to get bottle pictures. I may come back and edit this post with pictures of the bottles. That's what I get for having life get in the way of polishing!

BY THE WAY--MY PHOTOS ARE WITH TOP COAT. I use Out the Door. Sadly, it DOES dull the effect a bit. (but just a hair!)

Switching back and forth, starting with LA Girl Purple Effect on my thumb, then Studio M
Purple Medallion, etc etc.
Little to no direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight, with a bit of a blur which shows the holo better. Also... 
yep, there we go. The persistent hair in every single post I make...

So there we go. Not quite dupes. They looked a lot similar in the bottle besides one being bigger than the other. Oh well!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Swatch: Hard Candy - Cocoa Smore

Love these style/trend of nail polishes! I do wish I had applied them in thicker layers. They tend to dry fairly quick, and in some photos the polish looks mildly thinned out. Next time I need to apply in two thick layers; of course waiting a few minutes in between. Doing three thin ones didn't work out as well. I guess I'm just used to applying creams.

I plan getting the whole "Candy" line of Hard Candy polishes eventually. $4 a piece at Walmart. Considering I was so lenient with application... the polish did goop up just a tad after polishing a nail or two. No biggie. I guess the formula -has- to be made on the thick side due to the style of polish. (Layering on glitter.)

I usually moisturize my hands after my nails dry, and it seems to consistently attract hairs! Sorry about that. Maybe I need to hold off on moisturizing till I get pictures.

Also hoping to get a better blog/lighting set up soon so I can update more. The little set up I have now is in the corner of the room and I just don't have enough room for everything. Gah.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Duochrome nail polish comparisons

I'm back from my semi long hiatus! Yay! :)

They all look fairly similar  don't they? Minus the Rare and Radiant by China Glaze, which is more green. Contrary to how similar they look in the bottle, every one of these babies is completely different shades. All gorgeous in their own ways.

I had been wanting to compare these for awhile, especially the Color Club, Essence, and Chameleon. The China Glaze and Color Club were easiest to work with, the Chameleon was a lighter formula and the Essence has a rather thick brush and the coats done ended up a bit thicker than the others.

Not a huge fan of this type of polish, and didn't realize I had collected so many. They're still very pretty though! Color wise, my favorites are Essence's Chic Reloaded coming in at #1, and then Chameleon's Nucleus at #2. I think those two offer the most shimmery color changing colors out of the ones I posted.

Thumb: China Glaze - No Plain Jane
Pointer: China Glaze - Rare & Radiant
Middle: Color Club - Port-Folio
Ring: Essence - Chic Reloaded
Pinky: Chameleon - Nucleus

* sorry bout the random hair lol

Outdoor lighting here.

With flash.