Sunday, November 11, 2012

Swatches of Studio M - Funfetti and Studio M - Poparazzi

I got a bunch of new Studio M polishes from Mejer's recently. In my haul are two polishes that look like they would be a dupe for OPI - Rainbow Connection. (There is already a lot of dupes of that I know.) Since these are the two I'm most excited about, this is what I'm swatching for ya today.

I used a Pure Ice white as a base so you can still get the full effect of what colors are in these polishes.

Before taking these photos, I actually kinda thought the colors were more Christmas colors rather than a possible Rainbow dupe. But apparently I was wrong. Whoo hoo!

Poparazzi is the one with the tiny glitters in with it.

I went light on the first two and heavier coats on the last two. Poparazzi on my pinky and middle, funfetti on my ring and pointer. And of course a plain pure ice white thumb.

Studio M - Funfetti swatch

Studio M - Poparazzi swatch

So what do you think? Rainbow connection dupe or not? I know there's already a lot of them out there but it's still exciting to find another one (two? lol) for $3 each. :)

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  1. I bet these would work great in a jelly sandwich!