Sunday, June 16, 2013

LA Girl 3D Purple Effect vs Studio M Purple Medallion

Not going to lie. I'm totally biased. Studio M is my ultimate favorite polish. I just love it. It's just as sparkly in low lighting as it is in good lighting. At first, I was a bit underwhelmed by the LA Girl. I guess because I'm used to my Studio M still being sparkly in low lighting; but LA Girl is pretty amazeballs in the sunlight! Totally worth the $4 I paid for it.

They look similar in the bottles--albeit Purple Medallion's holo flakies are just a hair bigger. LA Girl is definitely more refined and evenly spaced. I did three coats of both polishes. There is also a few shades difference with the purple base.

Dang. Forgot to get bottle pictures. I may come back and edit this post with pictures of the bottles. That's what I get for having life get in the way of polishing!

BY THE WAY--MY PHOTOS ARE WITH TOP COAT. I use Out the Door. Sadly, it DOES dull the effect a bit. (but just a hair!)

Switching back and forth, starting with LA Girl Purple Effect on my thumb, then Studio M
Purple Medallion, etc etc.
Little to no direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight, with a bit of a blur which shows the holo better. Also... 
yep, there we go. The persistent hair in every single post I make...

So there we go. Not quite dupes. They looked a lot similar in the bottle besides one being bigger than the other. Oh well!

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