Saturday, May 5, 2012

Holographic striping over neon jelly purple


These are the polishes I decided to use this time around. Here we have (from left to right):

  • Art Club - Glitter hologram
  • Art Club - Lilac hologram
  • Studio M - Thunderbolt
I made a previous post about Studio M's Thunderbolt. From my research, it IS a jelly. It goes on very different compared to a cream polish. This is the strangest nail polish I've used yet!

This polish is very very difficult to capture properly on camera. In poor lighting, it looks to be a dark-ish to medium shade of purple, and in sunlight/better lighting it's a bright neon purple. The bottle is damn cute, too.

I decided to keep it simple, mostly trying out all of my new polishes in one go. (I still have one hologram striping one I didn't use though.) My base coat (ORLY's Bonder) has been acting really weird ever since I got it. It tends to make my cuticles really strange even when I try not to overflood them. This is not the first time where it's made the top ends of my nails look like they're some what peeling. I can't say I like ORLY's Bonder base coat, but it's all I have right now. I use other base coats and my nails don't do this crap, but yeah. Sorry about the tops of my nails looking odd.

Up close. See what I'm talking about? My base coat makes the top
look so weird. Not the first time Orly's bonder base coat has
did this to me. Time for a new one, eh?

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