Thursday, May 3, 2012

First attempt at gradient + acrylic paint

I went to Michael's and bought some various acylic paints. One of them being a black paint that had glitter in it. I wanted to experiment. I ended up randomly deciding to try doing a gradient for the first time. Basically experimented with that, too. I didn't get pictures of both hands, but one hands nails ended up being much lighter than the other one. I did two different methods.

The first one, I used a sponge and put the polish directly on a white frosty polish I have (that I hate, mind you, but it makes good polish underwear.) Dabbed it up and down for the gradient effect. The effect was much more subtle than the pictures I'm posting. Can't say I cared for that hand much, but it wasn't a terrible attempt for a beginner.

The second, as seen in the following photos, I put semi thick lines of the different colors I wanted to use. (Purple, teal, pink.) Then I took the sponge and gently dabbed up and down. The colors ended up being 1000x more vivid. I liked that much better. I just kind of wish I didn't put the acrylic paint glitter on them. This mani ended up growing on me though, I was sad to remove it. The other acrylic paint I tested was a pink glitter. The base looked to be a lavender color, with fine pinkish purple glitter.

My first experiment was attempting to put the lavender based pink glitter on the tips of my gradient manicure. Didn't turn out too well, the lavender base color quickly faded. The pink glitter was much less noticeable, though you can still some what see it in the pictures.

Over all a REALLY funky design. After I was done experimenting, the design ended up reminding me of Lisa Frank. So I guess you could say this is my own version of Lisa Frank nails! It also looks vaguely water-color-ish. I really hate that white frosty pearl color I used under it. I LOATHE it, but I wanted to use it since I haven't touched it in the year I've had it. Heh. (It's "Pure Ice" brand, I hope to do swatches sometime as well not just designs.)

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