Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Is this a 'jelly' polish?

Studio M - Thunderbolt

I'm very unfamiliar with jelly polishes, and for the past few months I've been wanting to try one. Did I stumble upon one on accident? This is before I put on a top coat. Sorry about that, I didn't clean up or anything because I wasn't fully finished with my polish.

This is "Studio M - Thunderbolt" I think. Got it at Mejer's. I absolutely adore the bottle design, it's really cute. This is a color on my current mani, and the color absolutely amazes me. I wish I could capture it perfectly on camera. That, and I'm too lazy to try to take more pics. Not to mention I've already done some striping on it and will post that mani later.

Like I was saying, the color is gorgeous. In poor lighting it looks like a dark to medium neon purple. In good lighting it looks like a brighter sheer neon purple/pink-ish hue. It's a little hard to explain, but I've never had a polish do that. Probably one of my favorite colors to date. I wish I had a good white color besides Sinful Colors so I could have used that under it to give it a little more vibrancy.

On my ring finger, it shows how sheer it went on. I put on a second coat after this picture, I believe. The finish was very odd, which is why I'm thinking it's a jelly. I'm just unsure and would like confirmation before I post my current mani in the next few days. :-)

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