Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nfu Holo #66 + Aqua base..

I trimmed my nails short for the hell of it. I can't believe how long they got! And it didn't bother me, surprisingly. You really do get used to it as they get longer. I used to be anti long nails for so long.

I've had this polish on for a day or so now. Within 4 hours of application, i got some fairly large chipped chunks off the tips. The biggest reason I cut my nails short was specifically to try my holo I purchased about a month ago.

After some research, I found out how finicky holos can be. So I went with getting the aqua base coat as well. Mind you, this stuff stinks. Like floral vomit. Maybe that's just me, but I don't care for it. The smell lingers, too.

The site I ordered from listed tips for holos.

  • Aqua base coat
  • 1 layer of holo
  • -Let fully dry-
  • ~repeat steps if needed/holo too thin and or streaky~
I washed my hands, and also used rubbing alcohol beforehand and let that fully dry. To get rid of oils and what not.

I ended up with three coats. Pretty happy with coverage. I'm still not the best at shaping my nails nor decent polish application, it's driving me crazy that the tips near my cuticles look so jagged. In my desperate attempt to clean up, I screwed my pointer finger up big time. Had to re-do it, got frustrated, said screw it I'm not cleaning it up right now. Sooo ignore my pointer finger mess, ha.

Anyway, on to the pictures most people come here for.