Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lush Lacquer Swatch: Camo Queen

Finally got around to posting a swatch of Camo Queen by Lush Lacquer. I really love this color, but I definetley WILL be wearing a base color under it next time. I took it off the next day since one of my pet peeves is seeing my nail beds under polish. (Not a huge fan of sheers for this reason.) However I still wanted to swatch the polish so you could just see it alone. Very very pretty, would be a really nice application for glitter gradients. Took a lot of effort getting off though, even while using the foil method to remove glitters.

I also smudged ones of nails. You might be able to see it in some of the pics.
I'm also not the best at clean up, probably some stray glitters. -shrug-
I'm working on better nail polish application. I'm too lazy with clean up.

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