Saturday, July 21, 2012

Barbie gradient nails

I finally done a gradient without glitter that I ended up liking. I was using a very shimmery yellow to attempt it and it did not work out at all, apparently shimmers aren't good for sponging. Stick to the creams.

The pink is Revlon's Oh My Magenta, the purple is from Pure Ice. (Can't think of the exact name off the top of my head.) I thought the colors complimented each other as Revlon's polish had slight blue/purple undertones. I had some sponges I bought from Michael's, they didn't work too well. I hoard dish sponges for various uses (yay for recycling), and cut one up (after washing it mind you) to use for my nails--worked much better.

Ended up not using a base coat as I was experimenting. I do wish I hadn't of gone so far up with the purple, but I did an OK job and I didn't immediately hate it.

HMMMM. I can't stand my cursive writing lol.

Cropped + a little color enhancement.

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