Sunday, July 15, 2012

My first water marbling

UGH. Just ugh. Yeaah, as you can tell already I got frusterated with marbling real fast. It didn't turn out terrible for a first attempt, but yeah. The amount of polish wasted made my OCD go a bit crazy as well, this is definetley not something I will do very often.

For future reference, and anyone reading this... DON'T BE LAZY and USE TAPE. It took me awhile to get all the extra polish off my fingers. VERY messy. Here is the pics of my some what failed attempt.

I used some China Glaze, Pure Ice, Sally Hansen... a little bit of everything really. The lime green was Pure Ice and I was very very surprised that it actually worked better out of all of them. I had read that CG and SH were pretty good, but apparently PI beat them both out! At least for me! I had tested some other Pure Ice polishes as well, they all worked very well and spread out over the water very quickly! The only ones that didn't work quite as well were the Pure Ice metallic polishes. Something about Pure Ice's metallic polish formula is off, even when using it for a base color. (Super streaky.)

My nails here are the longest they've been. Ever. I'm having trouble shaping my middle finger nails, not to mention during clean up I accidentally removed too much on one of my middle fingers. So feel free to ignore that, heh. I recently cut my nails down to little nubbies but this was the length they were before I did so. I would have enjoyed the length if I could only find a proper nail shape for my middle nails in particular. *shrug* Sooo here is my failed water marble:

Smeared the white on my pointer finger, otherwise that would have been my favorite.
My ring finger turned out best, IMO.

Meh. Very MEH about this hand. This was the first one I tried, much
less success. My thumb turned out best here, really. Instead of a pretty
marble design, it looks more like hippie vomit.

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  1. Hi! Good try, water marbles always kick my butt too. I find the polish dries in the water before I even get a chance to marble it, and I'm not very slow.
    My best tip for you would be to put the finger/s in and then while they are still in there, stick in your stick, or a qtip works really well and clean the polish off the surface and the sides of the container, and pull your hand out slowly.
    You may already be doing this, but that was what I really failed at when I started trying water marbles, so I thought I would throw that in there.