Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sinful Colors review

I figured I would do a Sinful Colors post. Last year I bought $25 worth when they were on sale. About $23 polishes or so, since I got a few that weren't on sale as well. I've figured out which ones I like and which ones I don't since then.

It really is a hit or miss. In the nail polish community, Sinful is pretty popular since it's cheap. ($1 a piece when you catch it on sale at Walgreen's.) Most of the colors are nice to have for simple nail art alone. Especially if you use different kinds of brushes to dip in, to make dots, stripes, etc. I'm weird and always paranoid of mixing polishes. :-/ I'm basically just going to touch on my likes and dislikes, everything else is probably somewhere in between or something I haven't tried yet--though I have messed with most. I looked on the Cherry Culture website, there is actually a lot of Sinful. I got mine through Walgreens, which does not have as many.

EDIT: I've taken my time writing this blog post. I've given Sinful another chance, without letting my bad experience with the white damper my opinion. From what I have on my nails at this moment (Rise and Shine, i think.) application was actually pretty impressive. As long as you have a good top coat anyway.

What I like the most is the glitters. With most glitters, they're difficult to remove so I really don't have many complaints over their glitters. There is quite a few to choose from--there are two in particular that I have became very fond of and several that are popular with good reason.

Pinky Glitter - Probably my current favorite of Sinful's. Leaves a very subtle golden pink glitter, at least as layering it on top of other various shades of pink polish.

Hottie - Second favorite, haven't used it as much as Pinky. Almost the same as Pinky, though it's blue. Great subtle layering glitter.

Queen of Beauty - A simple silver glitter. I've used it a little on some previous mani's, particularly my mattified mermaid nails post.

Nail Junkie - I've used this a few times, I just can't remember much about it--but it's a glitter, which means I probably liked using it. It's also one of Sinful's popular colors. I'm wanting to say it's a blue glitter with little specks of gold and other colors in it.

I Love You - A beautiful medium shade of purple shimmer. Seems to have specks of glitter in it. I love purple, especially this shade. I do remember this one chipping easy though.

Oasis - This is probably my favorite non glitter of Sinful's, besides Timbleberry. It has a very slight duochrome effect, which I usually LOATHE duochromes. (Not sure why?) But it's subtle enough and it's a beautiful polish. I have a lot of pinks, and don't wear them often. When I do, I usually reach for this one. It's pink and seems to have a purple tint effect to it, sort of shimmery.

Timbleberry - This shade is actually pretty unique in my opinion! The lighting seems to play a huge difference in this, it's almost a peachy orange pink coloring. I like it a lot. Perfect for summer. This one is a cream, my favorite finish for polish.

Snow Me White -- Sinful's cream white. I have tried to use it as a base for neons three times already. It takes three coats. Usually ends up streaky and yucky even with so many layers. (And letting them dry in between.) The only useful thing for this color is to use as a dipping polish for dots and decor. I literally JUST done my first water marbling and included Sinful's white in it, which worked okay. Not great, but definetley a good use for it.

Dream On - I freaking LOVE this shade of purple polish! *flail* Sadly, it's on my dislike list. I was super excited to use it, only to realize Sinful doesn't label their matte's. As most people know, mattes chip very very easy. On top of it being a cheap polish, this usually leads to disaster and or a non lasting mani. I'm in search for a dupe for this shade.

Savage - A beautiful summer shade of teal, this one also dries matte. This is the first one I used and stumbled upon where I got a surprise matte finish. LOVE the shade, hate the application and finish.

Nail hardener -- It seemed to make the tips of my nails peel. I quit using it after 4 or 5 times and it gradually went away as I filed it down. That may just be me though?

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