Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saran Wrap, striping, dots, and glitter

Not a clue on what to name this.

The peach color is gorgeous! Omg. That one is Sinful Colors - Hazard, i think. It's literally THE perfect peach color. Better than China Glaze's shades.

The black stripes I used a random Cosmo Girl striping polish, and the glitter was also by Cosmo Girl. For the Saran Wrap thumbs I used a black Pure Ice. After that dried, I put on Sinful's Hazard again and smudged with the saran wrap. :) Kinda wish I did peach with the black on top but oh well, too little; too late.

Why does this mani remind me of, "Ke$ha" and Lady Gaga for some reason???


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