Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nail polish remover review

There are so many options for nail polish remover and various methods. I admittedly use a Dollar Store brand remover, it's strengthening with gelatin for natural nails. When I went to experiment with a different kind, I missed it and went back to it. So--I haven't really used a lot of different removers. I just wanted to touch home with what's out there.

  • Pure Acetone: This is something on my list of things I'm going to purchase soon. It's supposedly really really good at removing glitter--and even better, helps with the clean up process. A lot of bloggers use it to get fine crisp lines near the cuticle edge. The biggest downside is that it's pretty freaking drying. And flammable. (As is most nail polish related things, but I'd say pure acetone takes the cake for most flammable.) I haven't worked with acrylics at all (except I wore them once in high school), but I think this is what salons use to remove them. Not something you want to use if you wear fake nails and aren't looking to take them off.

  • Non Acetone: These removers are usually a heck of a lot harsh than the pure acetone. I've read that you shouldn't use the pure stuff very often since it's so drying. A lot of varied removers available in this version, and in my opinion--the most common. Some have added aloe, some (like mine) have gelatin and various strengthening additives.

  • Tubs/Removal sponges: This is what I've used for years. I just recently went to the cotton ball/foil method since I started wearing glitters. Not ideal for glitters, in my opinion. Still, it's convenient. You put your fingers in a hole inside the sponge and twist till it's gone. I think there is a pure acetone versions as well.

  • Felt pads: I usually use these for my toes. Not a huge fan of them though. The ones I've purchased are usually made of felt, and dry up fairly quickly. So expect to put a little extra remover on them before you're finished. I haven't tried the high end ones so maybe those don't dry out as quickly.

  • Corrector pens: Supposedly a pen you can put remover in to clean up polish or take off. I have NO experience with these. Seems pretty handy. I haven't heard of many people using them though.

  • Q-Tips dipped in remover: They do OK when cleaning up, they can be fairly useful though. I use them to dip in oil to apply it to my cuticles and such. You can also cut the ends off and use as a make shift dotting/design tool. Also handy for water marbling. Unless you're using it to clean up around your cuticle edge, there's really not a lot to work with.

  • Angled eyeliner brush dipped in remover: Another popular option to get clean crisp lines around the cuticle edge. I have one, it works nicely, but would work a lot better with pure acetone.

  • Foil Method: You basically take cotton balls, put in some remover, lay on top of your nail, and wrap in foil. I usually do one hand a time and let it soak for as long as I can stand it/before my patience wears thin. It helps a LOT when removing stubborn glitter and flakes. I listed this because it has some extra materials (cotton balls/tin foil) that other removing items don't have.

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