Saturday, August 4, 2012

First attempt at Watermelon nails

So I tried watermelon nails. I HATE my black polish, it's so goopy. So some of the black seeds ended up with very minor strings coming off of them. I decided to sponge on the contrasting color instead of paint, and I liked how it turned out I'm just going to do a few things differently next time. (Perhaps get a better white and black polish for starters--the white is so thin and crap it took on the green under it, and what is SUPPOSED to be white is more of a lime green-ish yellow. Bah.) I didn't hate it though, but it has a lot of potential for next time. Practice makes perfect, right?

I used the same colors, but did an accent nail on both hands for my ring finger. I also wish I made less black seeds, maybe 3 tops would have made it more realistically watermelon like. Next time I'm going to try using a second darker green as well and attempt to make the green rind look better.

Surprisingly my non dominant hand looked best.

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