Friday, October 12, 2012

Saran wrap Halloween nails.. with Sticks N Stones

For future reference, shimmers don't make a very good saran wrap polish. Just sayin'. Not terrible but i think it distracts from the design and the whole thing could have been more prominent. But oh well!

Used a whole slew of colors for this mani. Sticks N Stones is absolutely perfect for a Halloween related manicure. It was a little messy due to all the layers, so as for clean crisp lines.. yeah... not so much lol.

Cut my nails down to nubbins since my last post. It was at the point where the length was driving me nuts. I spent over a month, maybe two, growing them out last time. Not the best lighting on this post, sorry bout that!

I used a medium purple shade from Sinful Colors as the base color. The orange was also a shimmer which... sucks. Would have looked 1000x better as a cream. Poo.

Ended up being much cleaner on my dominate hand lol.

See what I mean? Shimmers seemed to have dulled down the sarap wrap
effect. Oh well. Better luck next time eh?

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