Monday, November 19, 2012

Finger Paint's Santa's Magic on black with gold striping tape

I had originally ordered Santa's Magic from the new holiday collection from Finger Paint's online, so I didn't have much of a realistic idea of how it was going to turn out. Holy moly, it's good stuff though!

First, it's uber holographic. Heavy holo glitter that really looks like snow. Secondly, it IS in a clear base, but it seems like the clear base kind of goes away and the actual glitter ends up adhering to the nail MUCH better than your average glitter. I was surprised I was able to do two coats of Santa's Magic under my gold striping tape line with very little goop/clear base making it unusually thick. (Which usually happens with a lot of glitters, specifically China Glaze's Whirled Away *cough*)

It's just as pretty on the nails as it is in the bottle. Don't you hate when you get a gorgeous polish and it looks like crap compared to what it does in the bottle? Huge pet peeve of mine really. If you're looking for a really gorgeous good quality glitter for the holidays, this would be it. Go get it at your local Sally's!

My guess is that this will probably be similar to the Finger Paints flakies last year and be discontinued sometime in January or at least after the holidays. I got two bottles. >_>

I really need to start getting pics of the bottle! Dang.

Dude. I have no idea why my cuticles are yellow! GAH. I tried Blue Cross cuticle remover that was the only thing I did different! GR. Sorry bout that.

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