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Luxury Nail Polishes

Have a little money to splurge? Been wanting to try a high end nail polish and don't know where to look--or have a specific brand in mind, but still curious as to what other luxury polishes are out there? Well, that's what this article is about.

To most nail polish fanatics (keyword here is most), spending more than $10 on a bottle of polish is considered to be a sinful self indulgence. We've all been there though. Sometimes it's nice to splurge a little on yourself now and again. Heck, even expensive nail polish make nice gifts, too. Every once in awhile there's also a high end polish that makes you do a double take due to the unique coloring.

What makes a "luxury polish", at least to me, is anything over $10. So that's where I'm trying to start out at.

Julep - $14

I've been a little iffy on wanting to try Julep. I've heard some bloggers having issues with it being fairly hard to manage--but they do have a few glitters I'd like to have. I probably won't go out of my way to purchase them though. If you search for a Julep code you can pay 1 cent to try it out. (I haven't done it yet though.) and get a few polishes essentially free. You just have to make sure to cancel or you'll get charged for monthly Julep boxes. My biggest concern is that it's smaller than most polishes--and at a higher price. If you're wanting to pay $14 for a polish, I'd probably go with the next luxury polish.

Butter London - $14

Here we have the ever popular Butter London. Just mildly out of the price range on most peoples average polish budget. Adorable bottle, rarely seen under $14. If you had a coupon to Ulta, you could probably get a bottle for less than that. "The Black Knight", by Butter (not shown), is probably the most popular color by them. At least in my opinion from lots of nail blog reading. (Also the main color I want myself!) They actually have several semi unique colors which would be worth investing in if you're interested in splurging.

Lancome - $15

I don't know much about this polish honestly, it even looks like a high end brand. I found this polish mostly at places like Macy's, and Bloomingdale's. It's only a dollar more than Butter, which is still some what manageable during a splurge. To be honest, none of the colors I've seen while researching this article was very unique. The low availability of this polish (meaning it's only in places like Bloomingdale's and Macy's) and little unique colors makes it low on my own personal wishlist.

Ciate Paint Pots - $15

There are some intriguing colors by this company in my opinion. I believe Ciate was one of the first polish companies to come out with the "Caviar manicure", which is basically having little 3d balls all over your nails. (Yes, as you're expecting, that type of manicure doesn't last long at all. A couple of hours/one day at best.) However, there was an issue with them in the nail blogging world where they were emailing bloggers about trademarking their "Caviar" manicure, and telling them to rename it or something. "Caviar" manicures were being done way before Ciate tried to trademark it. Ever since that whole ordeal I've been a little iffy on even wanting to try their polishes. The bottle looks like it would take up a little more room than usual in storage as well. It's cute though.

RGB Polish - $16

I had only heard of this polish while I was doing research on this article. Not many colors to choose from, all creams and maybe a few sheers. Probably easy to find dupes for the colors they have. Mostly seen it on and Urban Outfitters also has it. So not the easiest polish to find, especially in person.

Nars - $18

Arabesque - pink glitter in a sheer base, one of several Nars I'd like to have. Very pretty. Sephora carries this brand, as well as places like Macy's. We're starting to hit the real high end nail polishes now. I actually seen a few Nars going for $16, but it seems the general price is $18.

Laura Mercier - $18

Laura Mercier is a french makeup artist, she has a very small line of polish. It took some searching to really find the few bottles she has out--at with that, they're only 0.35oz. Essentially, you pay more for less. Most of her stuff is cosmetics and doesn't focus on polish at all. I probably wouldn't waste my money on this one, definite dupes out there in bigger bottles. I could see these eventually making their way into places like TJ Maxx and Marshall's.

Deborah Lippman - $18

Lippman also dabbles in cosmetics, but has so many nail polish colors. I have to say, Deborah Lippman polishes are pretty sought after in the nail community. From, "Happy Birthday", (pictured) to creams and various other very popular glitters. A LOT of cheaper brands have came out with dupes for her polishes. Candy Shop (Claire's brand has a dupe), Happy Birthday (which is sort of like OPI Rainbow Connection), Across the Universe are all very popular. I wouldn't mind having the ones listed, and several other glitters. She's started several nail polish trends in my opinion. This brand would be one of the best to splurge on if you're looking to spend nearly $20. I would probably avoid buying them online though since shipping can make it quickly add up past $20 for one bottle of polish. Places like Ulta just recently started carrying Lippman, so it's a bit easier to find than most.

JINsoon - $18

Not a huge color selection, and all cream polishes with a few sheers that would be good for french manicures. If there weren't so many other high end colors I wanted, I'd probably get a few from JINsoon. Specifically this red pictured looks pretty awesome. Found at Sephora, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, etc. There is also a dark green I find intriguing--which I consider to be one of my signature colors.

Bobbi Brown - $18

I don't know much about other makeup as I quit wearing it years ago, but I'm pretty sure Bobbi Brown is a fairly popular general makeup brand. From this gorgeous polish pictured, it looks like it's fairly pigmented. They have some shimmers and creams, and it's found at your typical high end store, including Sephora.

T. LECLERC - $18

I see a few of these going for $5 on Amazon with $5 shipping, otherwise they run on average for $18. I personally think the bottle looks kinda cheap, and absolutely no interesting colors. I could probably find the same color in a Wet N Wild, not to mention it's not very well known. $18 would be a lot of money to spend on this. I only see it on the Barney's website, as well as the few on Amazon.

Estee Lauder - $20

Wow. The polish bottle is gorgeous. For something so expensive, the brush looks so freaking short though! Would be quite the pain getting polish out once it gets low in the bottle. The brand also reminds me of my mom for some reason. The short brush could be a good or bad thing depending on what's easiest for you to work with.

Dior - $23

A very well known high end brand, from everything to polish to makeup. Mostly creams, a few possible sheers, and 2 or 3 shimmers that look to be pretty if I liked shimmers. (Which I don't.) Another good choice if you're looking to splurge.


They have a top coat that I am absolutely dying to try. (Pictured!) There appears to be a lot of perfumes made by this company, found on Overstock and even Ulta. A little too expensive for my taste. Maybe one day though. I think the top coat may be limited edition, which sucks.

Chanel Nail Polish - $26

One of the #1 name brands, when it comes to purses, makeup, just about everything really. Chanel also has a polish line. Mostly creams and shimmers, just your basic stuff really. They appear to stick to classy shades and don't stray too far from "the norm" of polish. I find this pink shade of polish called, "Tentation", to be very beautiful, though there are almost guaranteed dupes. I can't think of the exact name, but I'm pretty sure Sinful Colors has one close to this shade/shimmer for $2, $1 when Sinful is on sale.

By Terry - $30

Wow. A polish more expensive than Chanel? I couldn't get a good screencap of the polish itself, sorry about it being cut off. It appears to be only on the Barney's website, which is a little awkward when it comes to wanting to save a photo/screencap something. Pretty basic colors, still sticking to the classy colors here, not too much to choose from. Most definitely not worth the time, effort and money getting one unless you're specifically into name brands.

Tom Ford nail polish - $30

Tom Ford specifically has a set on Neiman Marcus going for almost $500. One polish is $30! The only person I could think of that would buy the whole set would be Taylor Swift or someone else equally as famous. That's pretty insane. Especially for colors so... normal.


  • Well. I feel silly. I totally forgot to mention MAC has $15 dollar polish, some can be limited edition. You can find those here. I've stumbled upon a few that can be a few dollars more expensive, too.
  • Serge Lutens has, I think, two shades for $65 each. Insane. You can find one of the shades here, if you're curious.
  • I absolutely MUST mention the worlds most expensive nail polish: coming in at a whopping 250,000$ dollars, Azature came out with a very expensive polish. Beating out Model's Own Gold Rush at 130,000$ dollars.

So, tell me, any of these polishes interest you? What do you think of the world's most expensive polish? Post in the comments below!

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