Friday, May 17, 2013

Swatch: Hard Candy - Cocoa Smore

Love these style/trend of nail polishes! I do wish I had applied them in thicker layers. They tend to dry fairly quick, and in some photos the polish looks mildly thinned out. Next time I need to apply in two thick layers; of course waiting a few minutes in between. Doing three thin ones didn't work out as well. I guess I'm just used to applying creams.

I plan getting the whole "Candy" line of Hard Candy polishes eventually. $4 a piece at Walmart. Considering I was so lenient with application... the polish did goop up just a tad after polishing a nail or two. No biggie. I guess the formula -has- to be made on the thick side due to the style of polish. (Layering on glitter.)

I usually moisturize my hands after my nails dry, and it seems to consistently attract hairs! Sorry about that. Maybe I need to hold off on moisturizing till I get pictures.

Also hoping to get a better blog/lighting set up soon so I can update more. The little set up I have now is in the corner of the room and I just don't have enough room for everything. Gah.

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