Thursday, May 9, 2013

Duochrome nail polish comparisons

I'm back from my semi long hiatus! Yay! :)

They all look fairly similar  don't they? Minus the Rare and Radiant by China Glaze, which is more green. Contrary to how similar they look in the bottle, every one of these babies is completely different shades. All gorgeous in their own ways.

I had been wanting to compare these for awhile, especially the Color Club, Essence, and Chameleon. The China Glaze and Color Club were easiest to work with, the Chameleon was a lighter formula and the Essence has a rather thick brush and the coats done ended up a bit thicker than the others.

Not a huge fan of this type of polish, and didn't realize I had collected so many. They're still very pretty though! Color wise, my favorites are Essence's Chic Reloaded coming in at #1, and then Chameleon's Nucleus at #2. I think those two offer the most shimmery color changing colors out of the ones I posted.

Thumb: China Glaze - No Plain Jane
Pointer: China Glaze - Rare & Radiant
Middle: Color Club - Port-Folio
Ring: Essence - Chic Reloaded
Pinky: Chameleon - Nucleus

* sorry bout the random hair lol

Outdoor lighting here.

With flash.

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