Sunday, August 5, 2012

Subtle metallic gradient with silver holo tips

I actually wasn't going to do anything to the tips but I had some tiny smudges that were bugging me. I ended up liking it a lot though, it did feel like it was missing something before I added the funky french holo tips. The blue and silver seem to fade in very nicely with each other, too, which is something I haven't gotten with the few gradient designs I've done. (The blue was also metallic but not as obvious since I sponged it i guess.)

Am I the only one whos cuticles and hands are suffering with this hot weather? I don't remember this happening last year, and I haven't changed my moisturizing routine at all. Weird.

The colors I used was a blue metallic Pure Ice color (can't think of the names gah i really should take pictures of them.) and a Revlon silver. I'm absolutely fricken thrilled I found a use for Pure Ice's metallics because their formula seems to be a bit off. It's pretty streaky as a base.


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