Sunday, September 16, 2012

China Glaze's No Plain Jane swatch/review

I'm not a huge fan of duochrome colors but I wanted at least one for my collection and my husband got me one when I was sick. So. He actually went in to Sally's for me (lol!), and got 3 polishes. Including No Plain Jane, which wasn't on sale, but for some reason the lady gave him a discount for being a dude getting polish for his wife. Heh. Amusing. But in total the 3 polishes was only $6, so I was pretty pleased!

Anyway, for No Plain Jane I would seriously advise buffing your nails before hand. The polish seems to be thin and where it's metallic, it shows every little thing if not buffed. (I didn't buff mine because I lost my darn buffer.)

No Plain Jane is a light-ish purple metallic with a brown-ish undertone which shows through in different lighting. It's pretty cool. Still not a huge fan of duochromes, probably my least favorite polish type. I wish it wasn't so thin.

Wth cuticle?

Not the best, but I didn't get a whole lot of the full on purple effect. A few days
worth of tip wear at this point, too.

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