Sunday, November 25, 2012

China Glaze Traffic Jam with Candie's White Noise

I was very intrigued when I seen Candie's White Noise in Khol's. Heck, I'm always intrigued by flakie glitters especially by uncommon brands. So I got it. I had a coupon as well, combined with the two t-shirts I got, this polish was essentially free. Original price is $8. I'm not sure I would buy any others from that brand at that price, but there was another glitter I may go back and get eventually.

It's a very very pretty bar glitter. Application was easy but my nails got tip wear faster just slightly easier, even though Traffic Jam doesn't usually get tip wear/minor chips that easily when worn alone.

As I sit here and put labels on my blog post, I suppose it's not so much holographic and more of a flakie. So I worded that a bit wrong but you get the idea. It's more of a blue green bar flakie really.

I wish I had gotten more decent pictures of it, but at least I got some of the bottle this time, heh. I like that there is also little tiny micro glitters in with it as well. :)

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