Monday, November 12, 2012

Cirque Du Soleil China Glaze swatches

I did not use a top coat for these.

Shew, lord, this post is going to take me forever to finish. I just did swatches of 3 different new China Glaze's, took a ton of pics, now I have to upload and edit. Hope you guys enjoy them!

When I first started trying to swatch these babies, in my mind, I thought it was a good idea to swatch with a black and white polish as a base. That pretty much absolutely did not work out at all. Which I suppose is a good thing since I had to re-do a few fingers anyway, since two out of the three polishes were pretty difficult to work with.

First up is It's a trap-eze! In my blog post. This was by far, the easiest to work with. Though it NEEDS 3 layers. One layer is terrible and see through, two is ok, three is perfect. Four if you really want to do 4 coats is preferably IMO, but I'll stick to the usual 3 when I decide to wear it.

Yeah i realize this pic isn't 100% perfectly aligned, my patience was wearing thin lol! Please ignore my yellow nails, seche ridge filling base coat stained them i think.

Whirled away over red, silver, and light pink--no top coat and NO base on my pinky,
contrary to the damn yellow coloring the seche ridgefiller gave me for some reason...

This polish is a HUGE freaking pain. Seriously. You can't get anything where you want it, really takes some effort. Took me a lil effort to get the few white glitters I did manage to snag. It's also a very thick formula, and as you can see on the pink base nail (ring finger) it's goopy because I had to drop the glitters on sporadically. Still a neat look, similiar to Sticks N Stones. I was so interested in it because basically no mainstream brands have done things like this up until China Glaze came around. Perhaps with some practice I'll get the hang of this one. Does make me wish I had some Seche Vite though..

And here we have last but not least, Get Carried Away:

My swatches aren't the greatest I know, but I hope they help someone. This polish is another 3 coater, possibly four. Dries relatively fast, wish I had went a bit thicker with the first coat. But there you have it. You don't really need a base with this one either, as it looks really terrible layered over a lot of colors. (I tried pink and silver for curiousity. Ew.)

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