Friday, December 7, 2012

My FA at a cloud mani

Base: China Glaze - Pelican Gray
Edge of cloud: Sinful Colors - Gorgeous
Black: Sinful Colors - ?? (name sticker peeled off!)
Flakies on top of black: Nfu - #40
I hated this before I put a top coat on it. I'm pretty sure it's because I usually don't like shimmers, and the top of the clouds (the blue green) was a Sinful Colors shimmer one I have't touched in the year+ i've had it. But it's grown on me a lot and i'm disappointed at the way the gray polish applied. It was China Glaze's Pelican Gray (i think something nail related may have accidentally mixed with it--my biggest fear), and for some reason it just did not want to apply right. Oh well. I used a Nfu green/blue flakie on top of the black Sinful Colors. One of my goals is to get better lighting so I should have better swatch photos at some point. Whenever I get a desk lamp going. Which may be a bit but it would be sooo nice not to have dulled down photos just because of my crap indoor lighting!!

Like I said, this grew on me. But I went to bed with my nails like 90% dry, so I have a few smears and my nails have gotten much longer than they look--you get tip wear a heck of a lot faster which sucks. I think I did ok though. I wish some of the nails came out a little more round-ish, but no real complaints besides wishing I used different colors.


  1. I love the colors you used!! I'm going to have to try this :D

  2. Great design and great choice of colors! Beautiful :)

  3. i want to try cloud manicures