Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gold holographic glitter comparison

My first post with a new lamp and much much better lighting! I'm sooo excited! :-) Note the felt background and background for the desk, too. ;) 59 cents! Totally worth it!

These are the babies I'm swatching today, along with the base color I'm using:

  • CQ - Slate
  • Nina Ultra Pro - Holographic top coat
  • China Glaze - Golden Enchantment
  • Orly - Sashay my way
  • ELF - Golden goddess
I picked up the CQ from Rite Aid. I had a purple one from this brand when I was younger so I couldn't leave it. Nina Ultra Pro came from Sally's as well as the China Glaze and the Orly. ELF came from a Target holiday nail polish cube that my husband got me for Christmas. I ended up dotting on my thumb nails as well since I only had 4 polishes to swatch/compare.

I am a complete sucker for dark cream green/blues.
 Also, I was playing with the lighting.

Here we have just Slate:

With flash.
What I ended up doing over all: Playing with dots on my thumb. I'll have
a photo labeled with the polishes also.
You can click to enlarge it, I think.

1. Nina Ultra Pro - Holo top coat
2. China Glaze - Golden Enchantment
3. ELF - Golden Goddess
4. Orly - Sashay My Way

I'm going to go ahead and review all of them and then post the last few swatch photos I have of this bunch. :)

Nina Ultra Pro - Holographic Top Coat

This is by far my absolute favorite! I was totally surprised by this one. I figured China Glaze would be my favorite, as per usual, but I was wrong. The only thing I did not like was the brush was HUGE. Short and fat. Two quick strokes and you have a nice coat going, but some people don't like the fat brushes. It was ok. The glitter wasn't heavily dripping everywhere off of it, so no real complaints about it.

The actual glitter appears to be much more holographic and much more heavy upon application. I had read poor reviews on the Nina polishes on the Sally's website, but promptly ignored it when I seen they had a holo. It's gorgeous, and I'll probably buy another bottle at some point. 

China Glaze Golden Enchantment

Ahh. Good ole China Glaze. They have a silver one called Fairy Dust, I like to say this is Fairy Dusts sister. :) Pretty fine glitter, only less holo than the first and just minorly less heavy upon application. Doesn't seem to have much green/blue to it compared to Nina. Went on great, a China Glaze favorite.

ELF - Golden Goddess

Ehh. Don't love it, don't hate it. Has a weird stench to it, it's my first ELF polish being used. Came in the 14 pack holiday cube. Almost non holographic entirely, the only ones with any color are the some what large circle glitters. (The ones that stick out more than the fine glitter.) Would take several layers to remotely get any on your nail, as you can see from mine, very few got on it. It's a uber cute little novelty bottle though and still a fun shade.

Orly - Sashay My Way

This was one of my lemmings for a very long time, finally got it. The most holographic and vibrant out of the bunch, really. Along with the ~large~ golden holo circle glitters it has gold bar glitter in it as well which is pretty cool. This is my 3rd or so time wearing it, also a pain to get off. (More so than your typical glitter.)

With flash.


  1. Nina Ultra Pro - Holo top coat is my favourite :)

  2. I've always loved the look of tiny holo glitter over black polish. I think that was pretty much all I wore throughout high school.