Saturday, December 29, 2012

*NEW* Revlon swatches: Hearts of Gold FX & Celestial FX

All swatches done over Revlon Top Speed - Royal.

First of all, if you're debating on these, I highly recommend the Celestial rather than the Hearts of Gold. The hearts were pretty difficult to work with, I guess because there's not as many in there. It seems to be filled with mostly fine glitter and you have to do the dab method with that one pretty much... consistently. (Where you work your way into the bottle, grab a heart, and gently place it on your nail by dabbing it.) I absolutely love how Celestial turned out, I was very surprised by that. I figured these would mostly be awesome novelty bottles at the very least, but I can see myself using Celestial! The fine glitters in Hearts of Gold seem not to be quite as.. vibrant as Celestial. Also a down side.

I only used one layer of top coat, but it could probably use a second just for wears sake. The glitters stick up pretty good, especially Heart of Gold. Times like these I wish I had Seche Vite.

Had a derp moment during clean up on my middle finger. Sorry bout that.

I swear I did not do my middle finger on purpose haha.


  1. Ooooh, those are interesting! I love them over Royal for sure :) I think I might have to get me some of that, I love glitter.

  2. Those polishes are so cool. thank you!!!

  3. cool polishes. eve though u said heart of gold was difficult to work with I still want to try it with a light purple.