Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sation - Diamond Diggin' Diva swatch

Found this baby in TJ Maxx for $2.99. Very pleased with it, actually. Came out a little thick, had to redo one of my middle fingers because it didn't look right. (Accidentally got too much, easy to do with this polish.)

I had never seen Sation in person until I found some in TJ Maxx. I swatched it over Studio M - Thunderbolt. Will be keeping my eyes peeled for more Sation.

My nail polish resolution this year is to only buy polish in person. I always overspend online, heh. I will inevitably fail, but I'd like to keep it going anyway. Happy 2013 everyone, keep polishin'!

I added this one to show just how holographic it is. Holo is hard to capture without it being blurry.
I swear my nails are magnets for random pieces of hair... >_<

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