Wednesday, December 12, 2012

White with flakies and green snowflake accent - snowflake tutorial

I used several different flakies for this! (Read: A lot.) I sorta collect flakies. And was mostly playing around with making a snowflake tutorial; I didn't expect to compliment the snowflake middle finger with white. I love how subtle the flakies are over white, it really goes with the snowflake.

I also cut my thumb nails they were starting to bend when I went to bed and as I slept. :/

But anyway! On to the tutorial!

Here are the polishes I used... there was a few fingers where I put a similar polish on top because the effect wasn't as strong as I wanted it. (IE: I combined the some what crappy ELF flakie with the Color Club Snow Flakes.)

  • Pure Ice white
  • Thumb: Studio M: Covered in Diamonds
  • Pointer: Novelty snowman flakie
  • Midde: CQ'sCobalt again with China Glaze SnowGlobe and random white striping brush
  • Ring: ELF flakie with Color Club snow flakes on top (much better with CC)
  • Pinky: Candie's White Noise
Maan. This is going to be ~fun~ to remove! Haha. I did use a striping brush entirely for the snowflake, which is why the polish looks kinda thick-ish.

The only polishes you need for the snowflake alone are a white striping brush, a holographic glitter, and a green base if that's the route you want to take. I'm including the other polishes since I put a ton of flakies on the others.

1. Start by removing old polish, letting dry, and applying your base coat. I use Orly's Bonder. Then apply one or two coats of your base color. I'm using CQ - Cobalt which is a dark-ish green. It needed 2 coats to not be streaky.

2. Let dry a bit. I usually apply a top coat after a few minutes, just for extra insurance on chipping and such. Not to mention, at this point I usually forget I had to pee and i go do that after it's mostly dry. After that, put on two layers of the glitter you want to use. I used China Glaze's Snow Globe. Any glitter that's not too large and not TOO distracting will work. You still want the snowflake to show up. :) (I contemplated using Finger Paint's Santa's Magic but it's wayyy too much, I think, not to mention it's silver--white wouldn't show up as well!)

3. Glitters usually dry relatively fast so no need for top coat, just wait a few minutes. Next, take your white striping brush and apply three lines like so.

4. Ok. Next... you're wanting to make V shapes coming really near the top. You still want to leave a portion of the top poking out. I've seen designs of snowflakes with multiple "V"'s on each "branch" if you will, but I messed it up multiple times trying that. :/ Maybe it's because my striping brush polish is a bit on the thick side. (All of them are -_-)

5. Finish the V's on all 3 branches. Take your striping brush and make a circle (half circle actually) on the bottom of the branches. Fill it in with the polish.With the striping polish, because it's thick, give it a few minutes to make sure it dries properly before applying top coat or you'll smudge it. ALSO. On the original photo I posted, I made little dots at the very top of the branches. It's another way to design snowflakes, but I didn't like it. Would have turned out better if I had a finer tipped brush, I think. Top coat usually smooths it out, too and makes the snowflake white not look as thick and bumpy.

Clean it up and bam, relatively easy snowflake tutorial! :)

And just because I hate to make a second post on the same mani, here is what I did with the rest of it (I was originally just going to do one finger.)

1. Novelty snowman
2. CQ Cobalt, China Glaze Snowglobe, striping polish in white
3. ELF polish below Color Club SnowFlakes
4. Candie's White Noise

This is Studio M Covered in Diamonds.

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  1. Ooooh, I want to get Studio M Covered In Diamonds!