Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My not so festive holiday water marbling

I didn't take too many pictures of this one. I wasn't 100% pleased with it, but it turned out better than my previous attempts. One of the greens I used by Color Club was more of a gray green, which dampered my attempt at making it more festive and holiday themed. I don't absolutely hate it though. My patience wore very thin while I was doing it, I spent 4 hours marbling and had to take it off a few times do to messing up. (Turning the fan off probably would have helped, but I digress.)

At least I didn't use glitter this time which will make it a breeze to remove, haha. :) It's still an interesting color combo. The green gray Color Club does not have a color label so I have no idea what that is. The red was also a Color Club, unlabeled. *Came from a set from TJ Maxx mind you* The lime green was from Pure Ice, and it's one of my favorites for marbling. That brand does particularly well with marbling if you stick to the creams. (Spreads really fast/easy.)

Whoo for smearing it with top coat. :/
On my ring finger, that's what happens if you put on a top coat
while there's still a drop of water on your nail , haha.

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  1. That doesn't look bad at all!! I have never tried water marbeling, but it seems hard to get the hang of!